SEMS implementation at the Bucharest Botanical Garden

SEMS - Smart Environment Monitoring System

Designed to collect, store and analyze relevant data from sensors positioned in different sections of the monitored area.

Smart Environment Monitoring System is a computing platform that allows the development of software solutions for remote monitoring and control of equipment installed in various locations, equipment that collects data from the environment in which it is located.

The system uses the Azure IoT Hub, which provides reliable and secure communication between IoT devices, and also establishes two-way communication between each device and the Azure cloud.

With Azure IoT Hub you can send messages:
- from a device to the cloud - for example, the temperature values provided by a sensor connected to an IoT device, sent for analysis
- from the cloud to a device - for example, a software update message.

IoT Hub supports multiple messaging models, such as uploading files from devices and monitoring the status of connected devices.

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