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BIND is an innovative software solution, developed in two versions, on Microsoft and Oracle technologies, successfully used by representatives from any level of the organization: analysts, economists, managers, etc. for reporting - MIS, internal reporting, reporting to supervisors.
Advantages of using the BIND platform
  • Data processing and traceability;
  • Friendly and intuitive interface, available in several languages;
  • Security system according to the specifics of the industry;
  • Flexibility in building new reports and the ability to version data;
  • Dynamic execution process;
  • Source data validations and cross-report validations;
  • Report runs and the ETL process can be scheduled in an automated system;
  • Document management;
  • Generating and submitting reports to the standard required by the authorities;
  • Up-to-date reporting system with current legislation.
BIND platform capabilities
  • Statutory reporting to the National Bank of Romania, the Ministry of Finance, ANAF and other authorities, in accordance with IFRS standards.
  • Business Reporting: Provides the ability to create, edit, run, and distribute any company report, such as: weekly sales reports and analysis, planning, and budgeting reports.
  • MIS analysis: performing detailed analyzes, comparative analyzes, simulations and predictions on customer data with fast answers using advanced prediction technologies and statistical elements.
  • Dashboards: display business information in a centralized, fast and intuitive way. Automatic report delivery - critical information for decision makers using company data.
Key elements of the BIND platform
  • Flexible solution, allows configuration according to the specifics of the activity;
  • Modular and scalable;
  • Use modern technologies;
  • Contains internal data validation mechanisms and cross-validation of reports;
  • It includes all the set of reports required by authorities that are already predefined;

The BIND modular platform, with data processing rules for calculating and obtaining all business reports and analyzes, is the ideal solution for a robust reporting system!