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We accept all challenges!

Seriously and enthusiastically!

Problems become opportunities!

New Business Dimensions is a pioneer in introducing business intelligence solutions to financial institutions from Romania.


The company was founded in 2010 by a team of professionals with over 10 years of common experience in software projects for the financial-banking market in Eastern Europe, especially implementations of core banking and data warehouse & BI projects.
  • 2010 - Establishment of New Business Dimensions and launch of the BIND platform that met all reporting requirements required by the NBR (National Bank of Romania)
  • 2011 - The first DWH development and support project. The foundations are being laid for the development of other specific reporting modules outlining the BIND platform as a statutory reporting tool in the banking industry
  • 2012 - New Frontier Group invests and takes over part of NBD by accelerating its regional development as well as imposing a customer-oriented internal organization model and increasing the quality of services
  • 2013 - NBD obtains Oracle Gold Partner status
  • 2014 - BIND becomes the most popular IT Intelligence tool for preparing and submitting reports to authorities (National Bank of Romania, Ministry of Finance, etc.) among Romanian banks and financial institutions with a number of 15 clients and over 50 projects . New modules are being developed within the BIND platform
  • 2015 - The BIND platform goes to a major version and becomes: Oracle Database Ready, Oracle Linux Ready, Oracle WebLogic Ready, Oracle VM Ready, Oracle Exadata Ready, Oracle Exalogic Ready, Oracle SuperCluster Ready, Oracle Exalytics Ready, ODA Ready, BDA Ready, OVCA Ready
  • 2016 - Microsoft's BIND platform version is released
  • 2017 - NBD launches and implements new modules of the BIND platform: ANAF1, ANAF2, ANAF3, FATCA & CRS, IFRS9 Mifid2
  • 2018 - NBD receives distinction "Best Partner in Data & Artificial Intelligence ” from Microsoft
  • 2019 - NBD becomes a Silver UIPath partner; NBD is implementing the first IoT project using Full-Stack Azure Services
  • 2020 - Anniversary of 10 years of activity; NBD receives the Best e-Product on Reporting and DWH for FSI award from Finmedia
  • 2021 – NBD becomes a provider of Cloud services and solutions for the financial-banking market in Romania
  • 2022 NBD has a new shareholding structure consisting of 55% - Emanuel Oană and 45% - Marius Ionescu



Our mission is to give each user the power to make decisions based on relevant and accurate information, obtained in real time using software tools in which NBD has included all its experience and knowledge in data warehouse and reporting. We focus on software development and implementation of innovative management analysis and reporting solutions that bring added value to our customers.


NBD vision combines the values and experience of using our team's innovative technologies to provide customers with IT&C best practices and all the software tools to use reporting and information management solutions to reach their full potential of their business.


Eminence:From idea to innovation, we develop innovative solutions and give life to business analysis concepts and ideas. We develop software solutions that bring decision support to users in their daily work.
DevelopmentWe have dedicated ourselves to the activity in the established field: IT and financial-banking. We extend our borders beyond these two milestones. Each of us is motivated to be better to be seen as a standard in the field. Continuing education is one of our concerns, giving us the opportunity to adapt and keep up with technological developments, thus offering and delivering our customers state-of-the-art products.
Team work:We build productive relationships with all team members in order to have good long-term relationships with our customers. Our experience as a homogeneous team consists of productive strength and added value, by sharing knowledge, both with customers and within the team.



New Business Dimensions enforce high standards of quality and security, having a consolidated position in the market and demonstrated by certifications and certificates obtained.

  • Certification ISO 9001:2015 / SR EN ISO 9001:2015
  • Certification ISO 27001:2013 / SR ISO / CEI 27001:2013


The awards obtained over time, we mention among the most recent -  Best Partner in Data & Artificial Intelligence from Microsoft, and from the Financial Market Best e-Product on Reporting and DWH for FSIprove that we are among the best providers of reporting software and we are considered leaders in the industry and the financial-banking community in Romania in the profile segment.