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Data Warehouse

ta Warehouse solution is particularly important for managing the company's data and using it as agile and efficient as possible, facilitating the integration and unitary processing of data from various sources and providing it as decision information through reporting tools.

Unitary data processing at the organization level

A Data Warehouse solution allows unit integration and processing of data from multiple sources. They are processed and stored in a new unitary form so that they can be organized according to business requirements.

Ability to make decisions based on accurate information

Data Warehouse solutions contain components that, after careful analysis, validate the quality of the integrated data.

Easy administration

Implementing a Data Warehouse solution enables advanced management of large volumes of data from multiple sources, as well as their availability and ease of use through dedicated visual interfaces.

Company data is becoming more valuable

The Data Warehouse solution allows quick access to company data, favoring its use and capitalization in business and reporting processes.

Reporting & Business Intelligence Solutions

Provides the ability to create smart reports using current data analysis tools. Business Intelligence solutions support the overall development of a company, as well as its competitiveness, regardless of the field of activity. So the information obtained can be used to:

- Results analysis
- Visibility on financial accounting data: cash flow, gross margins, operating costs etc.
- Querying information about employees, customers, suppliers etc.
- Process optimization
Revenue and expenditure forecast
- etc.

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Solutions

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning solutions are increasingly used in recent years because they have exponentially improved the processes of data collection, analysis and processing.
The potential of artificial intelligence is unlimited and can be used to solve a wide variety of business problems.
Use cases:
- Image recognition, data analysis and classification, recognition of patterns / patterns to facilitate decision making;
- Machine learning - collecting and analyzing unstructured data and transforming it into valuable information that improves the efficiency and profitability of the business;
- Analysis of documents, classification of data and their content
- Predictive modeling and forecasting;

Advanced Analytics

As a provider of digital data management and analytics solutions and a solution integrator, we have the experience and know-how to support our customers in advanced analysis and data exploitation.
Based on a broader set of capabilities that BI solutions do not cover, Advanced Analytics offers the ability to forecast business trends or results in an advanced way, enabling you to make strategic decisions for the future.