With over 250 projects implemented by the NBD Team, the value of the products and services offered, the productivity of a homogeneous team, and dedication to high-quality work, while focused on customer needs, led to the company's positioning as a leader in providing IT products and services dedicated to the Romanian financial-banking sector

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Every client is a partner, and the success of his projects is the basis of our development

highlighted by the NBD team

New Business Dimensions offers a wide range of products and services in the field of data analysis and management, designed to provide real-time decision information and facilitate compliance reporting required by authorities.
Starting with the BIND platform - an innovative solution, launched at the beginning of the company's activity, continuously updated and used successfully in the field of reporting (MIS, business reporting, statutory reporting), the New Business Dimensions portfolio has diversified, currently covering various products and solutions. Data Warehouse, data security, analysis and Big Data, Artificial Intelligence (AI) and ML, RPA etc., using technologies from world-renowned manufacturers such as Microsoft, Oracle, UIPath, Symantec, Veritas etc.
  • Audit and consulting
  • Project management
  • Software development
  • Implementation of computer systems
  • Technical assistance, maintenance and support
About NBD services

Business reporting

We offer the ability to create, edit, run, and distribute any company report, including weekly sales reports and analysis, planning, and budgeting reports.

MIS analysis

Allows detailed, comparative analysis, simulations and predictions on fast-response customer data using advanced prediction technologies and statistics.

Process Automation (RPA)

We program software robots to perform repetitive, predictable, time-consuming processes. That way, people have time to innovate, create and engage in other business activities.


Exposing business information in a centralized way for a quick and intuitive understanding. Automatic report delivery - critical information for decision makers using company data.

Statutory reporting

Statutory reporting to the National Bank of Romania, the Ministry of Finance, ANAF and other regulatory entities, in accordance with the standards required by the authorities.

Cloud Infrastructure

As a Microsoft Cloud Solution Provider, we offer complex infrastructure solutions in the Azure cloud environment with a multitude of services and configuration options for all business needs.

We constantly make sure that our offer is well aligned with our customers expectations, business vision, strategies, practices and infrastructure.

Since 2010, we have been supporting companies in Romania and beyond to be more efficient and profitable, offering them the right solutions for their needs.

11 years of activity on the Romanian market
Over 250 projects implemented
90% of Romanian banking institutions are our customers
33% increase in turnover in 2020

We offer unlimited possibilities for business development with integrated software solutions!

Modern software tools that connect employees, departments and workflows specific to each company.
Modern technology

We use the latest technologies, both proprietary and from our world-renowned partners - Microsoft, Oracle, UIPath, Symantec, Veritas etc.
We collaborate with external partners and implement projects dedicated to the banking sector using their solutions - Crif, Aurachain, etc.

Flexible solutions

Modular solutions, flexibility in implementation, depending on the specifics and needs of customers.

The success of our projects is based on our team’s professionalism as well as our partnerships with world-class producers, with whom we bring innovation and technological transformation for the benefit of users.

We accept all challenges!

Seriously and enthusiastically

Problems become opportunities!

Adaptability to technological and market changes does not have to be a stress factor for your team, so you can count on our full support!